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Financial Information - IV Sedation Dentistry

Payment and Insurance

Methods of Payment

in the wake of COVID-19 we have implemented contact-less payments. our office will contact you prior to your appointment to review payment options. At this time we accept credit card only.


In the state of Pennsylvania, our providers are in-network with most dental Medicaid programs.


In New York and New Jersey, our providers are not yet in-network with dental carriers. As a result, our fees are an out-of-pocket expense.


However, insurance companies are providing reimbursements at an increasingly favorable rate. Our experienced claim specialists and sedation dentist will work with you to determine whether dental or medical insurance is the best route for reimbursement. We will also provide all paperwork and the necessary documentation to ensure the highest level of reimbursement.

Fee Schedule

our fees are based on the dental procedure and complexity of the procedure. for an accurate estimate of fees for sedation dentistry please contact our office.

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