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IV Sedation Dentistry
in NYC

Sedation dentistry is a great way to get some of the calm and comfort required for a dental procedure. Sedation can be used to induce a sense of peace or a deep state of relaxation that is close to sleep. However, you'd need a seasoned IV sedation doctor to put you through the process. Before you get involved with sedation dentistry in NYC, there are some things that you need to be clear about. Here they are.


Levels of Sedation

Most dental procedures cannot take place without some level of sedation. In most cases, sedation dentistry is joined with a local anesthetic to ensure you are comfortable throughout the dental procedure. Here are the levels of sedation involved:

  • Light sedation

  • Conscious sedation

  • Deep sedation

  • Unconsciousness

Choosing the Right Type of Sedation for You

It would be best to discuss the level of sedation that is right for you with your local sedation dentist. Here are some options that might come up.

Nitrous Oxide for Light Sedation

Nitrous oxide dental sedation can be used to induce a state of relaxation. Some of the best iv sedation dentistry in NYC prefer this option because it allows them to manage the amount of sedative that is administered. In addition, it is relatively safe and easy to control.

Oral Sedatives for Moderate Sedation

Here’s where you take oral medication before the dental procedure. This medication reduces anxiety helps you stay calm and relaxed about your procedure. However, they might make you drowsy, so you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation for Deep Relaxation

You need a seasoned IV sedation doctor to have this administered. It is taken intravenously, and the feelings of deep relaxation that it generates are felt almost immediately. With IV sedation, you will also need someone to accompany you, pre-procedure and post-procedure.

Who Is Dental Sedation For?

You might need dental sedation if you experience:

  • Dental anxiety

  • Difficulty controlling movements

  • Resistance to local anesthetics

  • Dental sensitivity

If you are scared of needles, sedation dentistry offers a way to get dental treatment without experiencing anxiety attacks. In addition, with dental sedation, you can undergo longer appointments for extensive dental work.

It is essential to disclose your complete medical history (including drug allergies and current medications) to your dentist before receiving sedation. Sedation is typically reserved for patients who are at least 18 years of age. However, there are instances where pediatric patients have had to be sedated.

Get in touch with the leading iv sedation dentistry nyc

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