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Sedation Dentistry for

Pediatric Patients:  Sedation Dentistry NJ, NYC & PA

Children are ideal candidates for in-office sedation.  Does your child fear the dentist or the sound of the drill? IV-Sedation can be a useful adjunct to dental treatment for the fearful or uncooperative child.


A child’s fear of painful dental treatment and multiple local anesthesia injections can result in a lifelong fear of the dentist. IV-Sedation in the office will safely alleviate any fear and anxiety. 


Most children require only one appointment with IV Sedation to address all the necessary dental treatment.

We understand the choice for IV-Sedation may be a difficult one and we’re here to comfort you through the entire procedure. Our fun anesthesiologists have years of experience treating pediatric patients in the dental office. They understand the importance of alleviating any fear or dental anxiety for the child.

Upon recommendation of IV-Sedation your dentist will contact our office with your child’s information and basic treatment plan. One of our friendly team members will then set up a time to discuss the procedures and pre-operative requirements for in-office sedation.

Once our patient registration forms have been completed, and we’ve obtained medical records/clearance, our anesthesiologist will review the patient’s file. The anesthesiologist will work collectively with the child’s parents/guardian to develop a customized treatment plan that will be most effective.

In addition, our relationships with the treating dentists are extremely important as we work closely to make the child’s experience as quick & enjoyable as possible. With the addition of IV-Sedation dentistry, usually, only one appointment is required to complete all necessary dental treatment.

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