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Sedation Dentistry in Brooklyn

Sedation Dentistry in Brooklyn

We are a group of experienced and compassionate sedation dentists in Brooklyn who provide comprehensive anesthesia services for dental providers in the greater metropolitan area.  

Each of the anesthesiologists in our team is trained to deliver customized anesthetics for pediatric, adult, and special care patients in the comfort of your dentist's office. We also offer a full range of sedation services and blood draws (as needed) for select patients.

Our mission is to provide a better patient experience for dentistry by providing a safe, pain-free environment for you to implement dental procedures.

Our sedation clinic in Manhattan, NY  and Bethlehem was founded by Dr. Jonathan Mendia, who appreciated the importance of oral health and a need for a safe, familiar dental environment. Based on this understanding, he created a team of local sedation dentists who can serve the special care population right in a friendly dental office. A decade later, we have the honor to be the premier providers of anesthesia and sedation dentistry in Brooklyn and the tri-state area.

What We Offer

Top-Notch Equipment

When we partner with you, we bring state-of-the-art Dental IV Sedation Equipment to the partnership. We assume full responsibility for the management and control of all anesthesia-related equipment. We also undertake a state-specific inspection of all mobile equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals. This way, we can regulate the surgical-suite setting for our providers to eliminate variance and ultimately increase provider comfort and reduce overall patient risk.

Quality Dental Services

​As leading IV sedation doctors in Brooklyn, we understand the complexity of each dental procedure and the various levels of sedation required for each operation. With our ambulatory services, you get the opportunity to practice dentistry and perform your dental treatments effectively with maximum comfort and increased safety for your patients.

Pre-Operative Evaluations

We provide pre-operative evaluations of the patient just before the dental procedure. They include airway assessment, physical examinations, and a thorough pre-anesthetic assessment.​

High-tech Monitoring

The patient’s vital signs are continuously monitored during and after the procedure. Some of the equipment we use include NIBP ( for non-invasive blood pressure), pulse oximeter (for oxygen saturation of blood), and  EKG (for heart rate and rhythm) and among others. In addition, we also provide emergency medical equipment equivalent to that carried by the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) during every sedation procedure.​

Individualized Anesthetic Plan

As experts at Nitrous oxide dental sedation, we provide each patient with an individual, customized anesthetic plan based on the information recorded by the anesthesiologist during the focused physical exam and patient medical history.

Get in touch with the leading sedation dentistry experts in Brooklyn

At Advanced Dental Anesthesia, we take pride in being the leading provider of office-based anesthesia services in Brooklyn for dental specialists. Our practice boasts state-of-the-art dental IV sedation equipment, and we also have expert dentist anesthesiologists that will facilitate a hitch-free procedure. We’re committed to empowering dentists to provide their dental treatments at the desired location without worries. Moreover, our services are much more affordable than what obtains in most hospital settings. So, what are you waiting for? Request a consultation appointment today to know more about us and our services.

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