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Special Needs Patients

Types of appointments

The anesthesia plan for a special needs patient is just as unique as the patient.  Often, a pre-medication technique is used to help the patient into the dental chair to start the IV. 


The induction will also vary on the patient’s medical or behavioral condition. Similarly, the recovery may also vary. 


For these reasons, our Dentist Anesthesiologists, are familiar with working with such a unique population to help facilitate a better dental experience.

Types of Appointments for Special Need Sedation Dental Patients

1. Routine Scheduled Appointments: For patients that cannot receive any dental treatment without sedation, we offer routine appointments in the dental office for cleanings and x-rays. These appointments are shorter appointments for diagnostic purposes only. 


They are done on specific days when the Dentist Anesthesiologist is already in the dental office. These appointments require follow-up appointments for completion of treatment.

2. Scheduled Sedation Appointments: For patients with known treatment plans, we offer regular scheduled sedation appointments for a specific period of time. The treatment time and costs can be estimated prior to your appointment.

3.  Special Needs Open Appointment:  Some patients want all the diagnostic and treatment done in one appointment, for these patients we schedule an “open” appointment. 


Your dental health care provider will complete all diagnostic evaluations while under sedation and then complete as much treatment as possible in one appointment. 


For these appointments, the time is unknown, therefore these appointments are typically Weekends Only.

For a list of Dentists in your area that work with special needs patients that offer IV-Sedation, please contact our office at Old Tappan Office Phone Number 201-660-7464.

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