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Sedation Dentistry in NJ

You may be one of the many people all around the world battling dental phobia. Unfortunately, you are not alone as many other people cannot also stand the thought of seeing the dentist. They will rather endure the toothache, no matter how unbearable, than schedule an appointment with the dentist. At Advanced Dental Anesthesia we have, however, over the years relieved the concerns of our clients by assembling experienced dentists in NJ to calm their nerves through sedation dentistry.

What then is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is all about relieving stress, anxiety, fright, and pain through Sedation. Sedation itself is the act of inducing calm and relaxation by introducing drugs capable of achieving such results, usually during a complex medical or diagnostic procedure. Sedation dentistry in NJ is not different from how it is practiced in other developed countries. As it is the standard everywhere, it's the medication used to ease a patient's fright and anxiety during a dental procedure. Before administering sedatives, the patient's level of fright and the dental procedure required are considered to know if they require minimal, moderate, or general anesthesia.

The duty of a sedation dentist in NJ involves administering sedatives to patients depending on the dental procedure and client's phobia level. The sedation dentist makes you get comfortable with the treatment of your teeth problems. Some of the popular types of Sedation are:

  1. Oral Sedation: this can either be minimal or moderate depending on the dose prescribed and recommended. A pill is enough for minimal Sedation. You are usually given Halcion an hour before the dental procedure begins. The effect is to make you drowsy but largely awake. For a more complex dental procedure, a larger dose is administered to get you moderately sedated. This is often the case in sedation dentistry. The moderate Sedation makes you fall asleep during the dental surgery procedure, although a nudge can awaken you.

  2. Nitrous oxide dental sedation: This is different from other sedation types in that any of your local sedation dentists make you breathe nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, through a mask you wear on your nose. This helps you get relaxed and calm while receiving your treatment.

  3. Intravenous Moderate Sedation: This is usually handled by an IV sedation doctor who puts the sedative in your body through your veins. This way, you become sedated instantly.

  4. Deep Sedation: Some dental procedures require the patient to be unconscious, and in that regard, deep Sedation is administered. This is seldom resorted to because the effects take a while to wear off, and sometimes it takes medication to get the effects reversed.

To procure the best dental procedure for any of your teeth problems, you need to pay for the services of excellent local sedation dentists in your neighborhood, such as ours.

Here are the locations that we serve.

New Jersey: In our sedation clinic in NJ, replete with the state of the art equipment and the best team of anesthesiologists, you are assured of only the perfect treatment for your teeth problems.

New York: Some of our dentists are licensed to practice in New York; that way, we can bring the treatment to your home. We understand the pains tooth issues can make you go through, and our business is to take away the pains with the help of our professional sedation dentists.

Pennsylvania: Are you in Pennsylvania and wondering the distance it will take you to get to New Jersey? Worry no more. You can schedule a treatment plan as some of our sedation dentists are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and are available to treat your teeth problem.

Request a consultation appointment to get to know us and our services. Click here to request an appointment.

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