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About Us

Advanced Dental Anesthesia is a group of experienced dentist anesthesiologists providing comprehensive anesthesia services for dental providers in the greater metropolitan area.  
Each of our anesthesiologists is equipped to deliver customized anesthetics for pediatric, adult, and special care patients in the comfort of your dentist office. We offer a full range of sedation services and blood draws (as needed) for select patients. we take pride in providing a better patient experience for dentistry.  

Sedation for dentistry is the use of medications to provide relaxation and comfort during dental procedures. While you sleep, your dentist can complete all dental treatment in a safe, pain-free environment. 

Advanced Dental Anesthesia is comprised of experienced, compassionate, and caring anesthesiologists providing sedation services in the comfort of your dental practice. 


Our company was founded on the passion our founder, Dr. Jonathan Mendia has for the special care community. with the importance of oral health and a need for a safe, familiar dental environment, he quickly facilitated the practice to serve the special care population in the comfort of their familiar dental office. Through this, he recognized the overall need for safety and care in all populations in dentistry including pediatric patients. With nearly 10 years in practice, advanced dental anesthesia has set out to be the premier provider of sedation and anesthesia in the tri-state area. 


Our priority remains in providing the safest and most comfortable patient experience.


Our Sedation Dentistry Services



We Bring You State of the Art Dental IV Sedation Equipment to the practice. As your partner, Advanced Dental Anesthesia assumes full responsibility for management and control of all anesthesia-related equipment.  In accordance with industry guidelines, our team undergoes a state-specific inspection of all mobile equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals.  Our goal is to standardize the surgical-suite setting for our providers, eliminating variance and thereby increasing provider comfort while decreasing overall patient risk.  

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All of our anesthesia providers are Dentist Anesthesiologists. We bring a specific skill set of understanding the complexity of each dental procedure and how it impacts the various levels of sedation required for your patient to have a comfortable and safe experience. Our ambulatory services offer you the opportunity to practice dentistry and perform your dental treatments without the worries associated with dental anesthetic and patient management. With the addition of a Dentist Anesthesiologist, you are able to Work more efficiently, provide maximum comfort, and safety to your patients, while you offer more extensive procedures during a visit.

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When compared to the hospital setting, office-based anesthesia is often much more affordable to the patient. For the office, we make a seamless addition to coordinate appointments allowing for more treatment to be completed in less time. Learn More > about Financial Information now.

Our Anesthesiologists


Dr. Jonathan Mendia

Dentist Anesthesiologist & Owner

Licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania


Dr. Gina Chen

Dentist Anesthesiologist

Licensed in Eastern Pennsylvania

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Dr. Whitney Saarem

Dentist  Anesthesiologist

Licensed in New York,  New Jersey and Pennsylvania

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“My 9 year old daughter had a terrific experience with Dr. Austin Boehm in connection with the sedation needed for her endodontic procedure. She was really anxious, but his manner with her was extremely professional, informing, patient and comforting the entire time. He had a thorough discussion with me beforehand and kept me informed how things were going throughout and called a couple of days after to see how she was doing. I am so grateful for the experience!”